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Hiking Trails

The following trails are available for hiking only throughout the year:

#1 Store Trail

1/4 mile. A short trail starting near the first bathhouse in the campground and ending on Pine Ridge Trail. Non-campers can park at the campground entrance and hike to this trail. Moderate.

Alligator Rock Trail

1/2 mile. A steep trail beginning on Shrewsbury Hollow Road above the pool and ending on Middle Ridge Road. Moderate to difficult.

Beech Glen Trail

1 1/2 miles. This trail starts in Polly Hollow and ascends to Wildcat Ridge Trail. Moderate.

CCC Snipe Trail

3/4 mile. This interpretive trail starts at the group camp area behind the pool and ends at Shrewsbury Hollow Road and Mossy Rock Trail. Easy.

Hemlock Falls Trail

3/4 mile. This trail follows an old gas well road out of Polly Hollow and turns west to the Boundary Ridge Road. Moderate.

Johnson Hollow Trail

3/4 mile. This trail starts behind Shelter #7 and ends at Middle Ridge Road. Easy to moderate.

Lindy Trail

1/2 mile. This steep trail ascends from the shooting range road up to Middle Ridge Road near the top of Alligator Rock Trail. Moderate to difficult.

Logtown Trail

3/4 mile. Begins behind Shelter #3 and ends on Middle Ridge Road. Easy to moderate.

Overlook Rock Trail

1 1/2 miles. A steep trail that starts just South of the pool and ends in #2 Store Hollow. Be careful to follow the blazes. The trail follows an access road and then turns South. Watch for this turn off or you will end up on the Old Boundary Road. Moderate to difficult.

Polly Trail

1 1/2 miles. This trail starts in Dunlop Hollow Picnic Area and can be accessed at the mouth of Polly Hollow. It runs up Polly Hollow and ends into Wildcat Ridge Trail. Moderate with steep sections.

Rattlesnake Trail

1 mile. Starts near main road at the mouth of Rattlesnake Hollow and ends approximately halfway up access road. Moderate to difficult.

Rocky Ridge Trail

2 miles. Starts across from Shelter #5 parking lot and ends into Pigeon Roost Trail. A portion of the trail follows a ridge top gas well road. Be sure to follow trail blazes and watch for the turn off the road. Moderate with steep sections.

Spotted Salamander Trail

1/4 mile. A wheelchair accessible trail across the road from the old barn.

White Hollow Trail

2 miles. Starts on the southern end of Davis Creek Trail and ends across from Dunlop Hollow. A portion of this trail follows an access road so follow blazes carefully. Moderate.

Mountain Biking

Click here for mountain biking trail names and descriptions.

Hiking/Biking Guide

A Kanawha State Forest Hiking/Biking Guide and Topographical Map is availablefor purchase at the forest office.

The guides are produced by Kanawha State Forest Foundation and are approximately 22”x18”. There is a minimal purchase fee. For more information, phone (304) 558-3500..

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