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The Foundation exists to aid the mission of the West Virginia state park system and to extend the work of the original CCC laborers who are and were responsible for the existence of this wonderful area. Visit the Foundation webpage

The Kanawha State Forest Foundation produces an informative newsletter, “The Forest Friend”. Click the links below and read interesting topics and activities. There is always an invitation included to join the friends group.

The Forest Friend - Winter 2011
The Forest Friend - Summer 2011
The Forest Friend - Spring 2012
The Forest Friend - Fall 2012
The Forest Friend - Spring 2013
The Forest Friend - Summer 2013
The Forest Friend – Fall 2013
The Forest Friend - Winter 2013
The Forest Friend - Summer 2014
The Forest Friend - Fall 2014
The Forest Friend – Spring 2015
The Forest Friend – Spring 2016
The Forest Friend – Winter 2016/2017

Kanawha Trail Club

The Kanawha Trail Club, established in 1942, is dedicated to hiking in the outdoors for fun, exercise, and meeting new friends. Kanawha State Forest, the club's home base, is 9000 acres of diversified terrain where all members have the opportunity to enjoy its many trails and beautiful landscapes.

The Kanawha Trail Club will celebrate a 75th anniversary of organized hiking in 2017!  The organization hikes throughout West Virginia.

Visit the trail club's website to learn about scheduled hike. The Kanawha Trail Club website is managed in whole by trail organization.



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